Petra Creutziger - Black Sheep Crochet

Petra Creutziger - Black Sheep Crochet

A Tribute

I have a deep appreciation for peaceful rebels and people who dare and care to be out-standing.

Black Sheep Crochet is my tribute to the part in you and me that is the idealist, the dreamer, the one that stands up or out for something better, the non-conformer and the rebel for a good cause.

I believe that everybody’s got a story.

The patterns collected and created within Black Sheep Crochet are stories written in yarn for people with out-standing style. They could be inspired by an actual novel, modern or contemporary art, a life event, the beauty of nature, a cultural setting or spiritual concept.

If they inspire you to tell your own story through your choice of yarn, colours or pattern combinations, then my mission is accomplished.

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