Stacy Clement-Kazimir

Stacy Clement-Kazimir

Hi loves. I’m Stace, a nonbinary (she/her/they/them) never-not-knitting and occasionally crocheting design enthusiast who lives with my husband in a charming Hudson River valley town in serene upstate NY.

Professionally I’ve been honored to have worked for two well-known yarn artists while living in Brooklyn--knit installation artist Magda Sayeg (founder of Knitta Please) and crochet installation artist Olek (a.k.a. Agata Oleksiak).

YOU are my pattern testers!! Post a pattern’s first Project Page with any/all constructive criticism for any of my designs to earn four complimentary paid patterns of your choice, a second Project Page earns three paid patterns, a third page earns two, and a fourth page earns one. Simply point me to your page once it is ready and let me know which patterns you’d like to receive. That’s it!

As a lifelong nature and animal lover, fibers used are 100% vegan with a preference for plant-based over synthetic including abaca (banana), acrylic (minimally), bamboo, corn, cotton, flax, hemp, linen, lyocell, metallic, microfiber, mint, modal, nylon, pineapple, polyester, ramie, rayon, rose, satin, seacell, soy, and tencel.

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Edited for clarity 10/31/2020, Created 10/26/2020

Feel free to message me anytime with questions that aren’t Google-able.

Stace a.k.a. zonal

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