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Stacy Pamela

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May 2024

With deeply realized acknowledgement of historical systems of oppression, please lift and support BIPOC in Fiber instead of me:

Hi loves. I’m Stace (they/them), a Zen Buddhist nonbinary pan LGBTQ+ knit and crochet original design enthusiast who lives with my heart-of-gold husband and our rescue bonded pair of puppos in a charming Hudson River valley town in serene upstate NY.

Professionally I’ve been honored to have worked for two well-known yarn artists while living in Brooklyn--knit installation artist Magda Sayeg (founder of Knitta Please) and crochet installation artist Olek (a.k.a. Agata Oleksiak).

One who has taken a personal vow to dedicate their life to alleviating the suffering of others is a bodhisattva. I am a bodhisattva.

YOU are my pattern testers!
Post a pattern’s first Project Page with any/all constructive criticism for any of my designs to earn four complimentary paid patterns of your choice, a pattern’s second Project Page earns three paid patterns, a third earns two, and a fourth earns one.
Simply point me to your page once it is ready and let me know which patterns you’d like to receive. That’s it!

As a lifelong nature and animal lover, fibers used are primarily vegan--and always mulesing-free exclusively from rescues and sanctuaries--with a preference for plant-based over synthetic including abaca (banana), acrylic (minimally), bamboo, corn, cotton, flax, hemp, linen, lyocell, metallic, microfiber, mint, modal, nylon, pineapple, polyester, ramie, rayon, rose, satin, seacell, soy, and tencel.

Crowdsourcing pattern Tech Edits is going great.
It is simple as can be: receive $10 from me via Paypal or Venmo for any pattern edit you suggest that I implement--for any pattern here ever--with your Ravelry username credit under ‘Tech Edits’ in the Notes field of the main pattern page.
Message me with an edit suggestion and I’ll let you know within 24 hours if it is a change I will make.
To date $50 USD total has been paid out for five edits that a few people here have made.
Thank you, crowdsourced Tech Editors! You rock.

Add New Yarns With Photos to Ravelry: A Guide For Indie Dyers
Edited for clarity 10/31/2020, Created 10/26/2020

Feel free to message me anytime with questions that aren’t Google-able.

Stace a.k.a. Zonal (they/them)

original designs

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