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What I like in shawls are the graphic possibilities - stripes, lace or texture can create patterns like in a painting.

When I invented horizontal cables, they worked well together with mittens - my first pattern was Himbeerwellen, which has its knitted complement, Mohnteilchen. By now, my cables have varied to open, sorted, wandering… and still more to come.

My patterns are sophisticated but not all of them require you to learn a lot new stuff - some are outright mindless.
So, here’s a bundle of introductory patterns. No claim on completeness…
First, all patterns from my ABC der Handarbeiten: Häkeln are introductory, as the book is an introduction to crochet.
If you want to learn my horizontal cables, I recommend Elementary Mittens. Flying 60s is the easiest slip stitch mitt pattern I wrote. Twister is not much harder. Orangenhaut, Helen Mittens, Quaint and Blaues Wunder started out as mystery patterns, so they have extra-extensive photo tutorials, even if they introduce new techniques and stitches.
Igel is a pretty easy shawl, using just one kind of slip stitch. Shift uses more stitches but no complicated techniques. Rainbow Cowl is straightforward, too, especially if you leave out the planned pooling, same for Afire Cowl. Scholar is easy, too.
Into the Blue and Ringel Beanie are easy hats.

Mainly, I’m a crocheter. But some patterns just ask to be written up for the other craft - or fellow Ravelers asked for a conversion.

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Mitts are quick, satisfying projects. They make great gifts as they fit several sizes and they are a fun accessory.

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For years, I avoided hats at all costs (e.g. frequent colds) because they were just itchy on my forehead. By and by, I found soft yarns that are a pleasure even to my sensitive skin. Time to design some hats!