Blocks-in-Blocks Curtain by Lien Lu

Blocks-in-Blocks Curtain

by Lien Lu
This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download

-For the curtain I actually used an unknown crochet yarn and double up the strand so I can’t tell you what weight the yarn is or the yardage used.

-The pattern I posted up is a chart layout of the pattern so you can knit the curtain to the size of your own window.

This project was inspired by the crocheted Blocks-in-Blocks Curtain (aka. Blocks Curtain) from Bernat.

I really liked the design but don’t want to crochet it so I tried to design it for knitting. At first I tried starting it horizontally but that didn’t workout.

Then I saw the Greek Key Lace Scarf which gave me the idea to knit it diagonally. So then I started the pattern like in a diagonal shawl. I took some scrap yarn and make up the pattern on excel as I go.

Trying to make the first block was difficult because I’ve never knitted a triangular shawl before. I had to take it out and re-knit it many times, testing different types of increases and where or how to slant the stitches.

Once I got through the first blocks it became clear and easy because I was getting the hang of it.

Now I just need to buy yarn for it and start on my curtain.

I will post up the pattern on ravelry once I finish working it out.

May 19/10 - As I was making swatches to test which yarn weight I needed for the curtain I’ve found out I can knit this blocks pattern horizontally.

May 21/10
I’ve finished a swatch for the horizontal method in the multicolor yarn yesterday. So last night in bed I was thinking how I don’t like how the k2tog reveal the slanting part below the yo. Then I came up with a method to bind off instead of k2tog. So today I did a new swatch. I like it a lot better. I it gives a sharp edge to the yo.

I find this horizontal method is much easier that the diagonal method.

I’ve finalized my horizontal pattern and re-did a swatch in brown yarn. The lace part of it kind of look like crocheting.

OK. The horizontal version is posted up :)

Feb. 5/11
I’ve fixed the mistake on row 12 and the eleventh row after that in the newly updated pattern. The part with ‘o t o \t o’ should be replace with ‘o t o /| o’.
Also I’ve posted up pictures on how to make yarn over for the ‘i’ and ‘m’ edge.