Bog Jacket WG27 SO27 by Elizabeth Zimmermann

Bog Jacket WG27 SO27

Gauge is set by desired yarn, and garter stitch is recommended. The bog jacket is basically a garter stitch square, knit from the bottom up with stitches put on hold on scrap yarn under the arms and at beginning of neck, and then divided and knitted to end. The waste yarns are then removed and jacket is folded at key points and openings weaved together. An i-cord border is applied to the edging. Directions are given for tapering the sleeves, shaping the shoulders, making back slightly longer than the front, including pockets, inserting phoney seams, and shaping waist. This pattern is very customizable.

This pattern may be found on pages 72-78 of Knitting Around. A child-size version may be found on page 79.