Contagion by Nickie Chapin


May 2020
Lace ?
2.75 mm (C)
2300 - 2400 yards (2103 - 2195 m)
80 inches wide x 36 inches tall
Flag of English English
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Hook size- C, 2.75 mm
Yarn- Cascade LLama Lace, 100 g/ 601 yds
Colorway- Dusty Teal (14)
Yardage- 2356 total yds.
Finished size- Approximately 80 inches wide and 36 inches tall.

In early 2019 I found an unlikely love for lace and working tiny. I had become the designer known for working BIG, making giant masterpieces to fit giant needs. I was happy in my big world, but I kept seeing posts in my group of these tiny intricate doilies that made my mind scream “I NEED TO DO THAT!” The doilies were tiny, in tiny thread, made with tiny hooks and they went against everything I had become known for, but I had to learn their ways. Fast forward a few months and a few practice pattern purchases and I was on my way designing my own. Lace and thread crochet has become my palate cleanser after designing one of my beasts. I spend months working on and designing a large piece and then reset my brain for something new with a doily.

Contagion is slightly different. I wanted an elegant rectangular lace wrap, which meant I was going to be working in thread or lace weight yarn. I wanted plenty of length and drape to make it functional as something to keep you warm, because, let’s face it, elegant and dressy for women is not in any way, shape, or form warm or functional. To achieve the drape and functionality I wanted I chose to design a wrap slightly bigger than most.

In the beginning this design was going to be ripples, broomstick lace, and pineapples. I was so excited to finally design something with broomstick lace I was positively giddy. About a week into the design Covid 19 took over everything. The country shut down, my state went into lockdown, and the only thing everyone was talking about was protecting yourself from the virus. The design started speaking to me, it wanted to be the graphs and animations of viral spread with and without social distancing. As always, when the design speaks to me I listened and let it do what it wanted to do. I am thankful I got to keep the ripples and pineapples, but sad it took away the broomstick.

While working with tiny yarn and tiny hooks is stressful for some I do hope this design is not half as stressful the past few months have been for the entire world. Please enjoy and stay healthy.