Corrugated Dickey by Elizabeth Zimmermann

Corrugated Dickey

Pattern description from Knitting Around: “We call ‘em Dickeys. They go around the human neck in parky weather and keep it snug and secure. Since they much first pass over the human head, the more stretchable they are, the better. In fact, they should (and even must) be knitted; why else would I be telling you about them? Consider the circumference of the human head and neck; the Dickey must be obliging enough to stretch comfortably over the actual head, yet snuggle down around the neck of the victim when the time comes. Let us bless the elasticity of handknitting, and cast on sufficient stitches to fit either circumference equally well - neither too tight, nor, go save us, too sloppy. Not only do they warm and protect your neck and upper chest, but, work under a turned up shirt collar, they look very sporting indeed. A Dickey is a good beginning-knitter’s project, so let’s start with one in thickish wool, involving a few interesting details.”

Warning: “Corrugated Ribbing consists of K2 stitches in one color, then P2 stitches in a second color. It has no elasticity, so prepare to rip your ears off pulling it on, and snub your nose tearing it off; but it is good looking and has a pleasing stability.”

Materials: 1 oz assorted colors of Shetland Wool. A 16” circular needle about size #3 or 4.

Gauge: 6 stitches to 1 inch.

This pattern may be found on page 39 of Knitting Around.