Granny Square Toddler Set by Heather Holland

Granny Square Toddler Set

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Caron Simply Soft
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Discontinued. This digital pattern is no longer available online.

This is more general instruction than an actual pattern.

Basically, you want to make a bunch of ~4.5”x4.5” granny squares, and then crochet them together.

Scarf: 15 squares
Bag: 8 squares + 14 flowers for strap
Hat: 6 squares + 2 half squares

You can use any squares you want, as long as they’re generally the same size. I crocheted everything using a G hook in Simply Soft. Here are the patterns I used:

Flowers of strap from:
I also used this one as my half-squares. Basically just do half of what the pattern says, and turn after half.

Puff motif from

Once I had made enough squares, I crocheted it all together. Hold two squares with WRONG sides together, then single crochet across the edge you’re attaching.

For the scarf: attach one at a time, fastening and cutting the yarn after each pair you crochet together. Then, single crochet around the edge of the scarf. My scarf is probably a tad long.

Bag: crochet two squares together until you have 4 strips of 2 squares. Single crochet two strips together with WRONG sides together. With WRONG sides together, single crochet together 3 sides of the two 4-square panels to make the bag. Sew all the flower motifs together, then sew the strap to the bag at each of the two side seams. Attach yarn to the bag even with the edge of one of the flower straps. Chain 5. Attach to top of flower with a single crochet in each of the two top stitches of the flower (you’re making a stabilizing row of chains, then SC’s, along the edges of the flowers to keep them from stretching due to the weight of the bag and its contents). Chain 9, attach to top of flower with a single crochet in each of the two top stitches of the flower, repeat until you run out of flowers and attach level with the top of the last flower to the bag. Single crochet around the top edge of the bag, until you get to the beginning attach. Single crochet 6 up the chain (going around the entire chain, not into the individual chain loops). Single crochet into previous two single crochets on the flower. Single crochet 10 times around the next chain 9. Repeat until the final chain 5, 6 single crochets around the final chain 5, then attach to the bag and finish off. Repeat for the other half of the bag.

For the hat: It fits our 3 year old’s head, but it might be a bit tight. You might want to add a final single crochet row to the outer edge of the squares before putting it all together.

Attach 3 squares together in a line using single crochets with wrong sides together, this is the front, top, and back of the hat. Attach a square to each side by holding wrong sides together with the front square, then rounding the corner and attaching to top square, then rounding the corner and attaching to the back square. Attach the two half-squares to the back neck square, then attach the lower part of the hat to the upper by holding wrong sides together and single crocheting together. Continue in single crochet across the front of the hat and around the back. Fasten off.

Good luck. Feel free to ask construction questions and I will answer them as best I can, with pictures if you need them. :)

Note that the squares will likely NOT have the same number of stitches along the edges, so work them together as best you can.