Hoard by Hunter Hammersen


October 2018
Any gauge - designed for any gauge ?
Because you're not aiming for an exact size, gauge isn't as important as usual. Instead, aim for the tightest fabric you can comfortably manage.
US 1 - 2.25 mm
3 - 10 yards (3 - 9 m)
Gives an acorn between one and one and a half inches tall and between half an inch and an inch across...more or less actual acorn sized!
Flag of English English
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Hoard noun
- a supply of valuable objects, often hidden away

Looking for acorn caps? Have spare acorn caps? There’s a thread over in the group where folks can work out acorn cap swaps!

So let’s be clear right from the start. This is not somber, serious, grown-up knitting. This is not the thing you knit to win the approval of that one slightly scary person at the yarn shop who is always knitting intricately cabled sweaters on size two needles and who lets it be known that anyone not doing the same isn’t a proper knitter.

This is frankly adorable, borderline ridiculous knitting that absolutely no one needs and that serves no practical purpose at all.

Despite that, I love it. I love it and it makes me happy. And some days, that’s really what I’m looking for in my knitting.

These are ridiculously quick, and you can use anything from fingering weight yarn to worsted weight yarn (and you’ll need less than ten yards per acorn). The fastest of them have about as many stitches as are in one row of a sock, and the slowest have fewer stitches than are in a respectable swatch. I knit a dozen of them in an afternoon (and then came back for more the next day because I was having too much fun to stop). The hardest bit may be finding the acorn caps (if they don’t grow near you, you can totally find them online on etsy or amazon)!

And if you’ve never made something 3D before, don’t worry. The pattern is extremely detailed (really, it’s 12 pages long…it holds your hand the whole way through). I’ve got a four-page photo tutorial showing you every single step of the process. And I’ve included all sorts of helpful tips on everything from how to cast on to when and how to weave in your ends to how to stuff them and what to stuff them with to how to find and attach the acorn caps. I’ve totally got you covered, and you can absolutely do this.

If you can knit in the round and find some acorn caps, you can make these!

These are perfect for you if:

  • You’re in the mood for something unabashedly frivolous
  • You want to really confuse the squirrels in your yard

They’re not for you if:

  • You are currently knitting an impressive cabled sweater on size two needles and judging everyone who isn’t doing the same
  • You don’t like knitting in the round

Pssst, if you can’t find acorn caps near where you live, or if you aren’t able or don’t want to collect them yourself, both amazon and etsy sell them! They even have nifty metal ones if you want to make your acorn extra sparkly. Just type ‘acorn caps’ into the search bar of either site and you’ll find lots.