Kliban Hat by Elizabeth Zimmermann

Kliban Hat

This pattern is available from schoolhousepress.com for $7.99.

From Schoolhouse Press:

7 designs from 4 designers. Meg Swansen presents: an elegant Twisted-Stitch cap, the whimsical Albrecht Durer Tower Hat and a simple to knit Circular Brioche Watch Cap. Two Elizabeth Zimmermann designs: her classic Snail Hat (aka Conch or Dairy Queen), and her Kliban Hat. Plus an innovative I-cord Lattice Hat from Cully Swansen and a snugly warm Garter-Band hat from Eleanor Haase. Something for everyone in this cornucopia!
Print version comes in a 3-hole, archival quality sheet protector.

One of 5 hats Originally published as Wool Gathering. Now available as Spun Out #8, $1, Schoolhouse Press.

5 Hats:

  • Balaclava Helmet
  • Katmandhu Hat or Bonnet
  • Tam-O-Shanter
  • Heart Hat
  • Kliban Hat

And in 7 Hats from 4 Designers.