Love Knot Embracelet by Vashti Braha

Love Knot Embracelet

This pattern is available for free.

I wrote the pattern so that anyone can use the particular beads, wire (or even string), and crochet hook they have on hand. The 22 gauge wire core is sturdy enough to stand up to the heavier large glass beads.

The basic design is: you work love knots along one side of a bead strand, single crochet one end of the clasp, then do love knots along the other side of the bead strand, and crochet the other clasp end. Then you “fluff” the love knots so that they “embrace” each bead.

Love Knots are also called “Lover’s Knots” and “Solomon’s Knots”.

I’ve listed Artistic Wire brand copper wires here, but I actually used a Darice craft wire for the 26 gauge, and electrical wiring from Radio Shack for the 22 gauge.
I think it took me less than an hour to crochet this up. I hope to try other variations.