Luthien by Raven Knits Design


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Her robe was blue as summer skies,
but grey as evening were her eyes;
her mantle sewn with lilies fair,
but dark as shadow was her hair.
Her feet were swift as bird on wing,
her laughter merry as the spring;
the slender willow the bowing reed,
the fragrance of a flowering mead,
the light upon the leaves of trees,
the voice of water, more than these
her beauty was and blissfulness,
her glory and her loveliness.

  • J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lay of Leithian

The Luthien smoke ring is a warm, elegant accessory that can be worn as a cowl, or pulled up to frame the face like a hood. The lace motifs chosen for the pattern are Japanese in origin and have a graceful art deco feel, appropriate to the most beautiful of elves.

Three sizes are given in the pattern, and achieved by working the motif in six, seven, or eight repeats per round. All sizes should be approximately 21” from top to bottom; it is their circumferences that change, as follows:

Small: base 32”, top 21”
Medium: base 37.25”, top 24.5”
Large: base 42.5”, top 28”

All sizes are achieved by blocking; the unblocked piece will seem narrow in comparison.