Moebius Vest / Jacket WG28 by Elizabeth Zimmermann

Moebius Vest / Jacket WG28

Based on the Knitted Moebius.

Pattern description from Knitting Around: “This is not a true Moebius, as its ends are not joined, but the twist does bemusing things to the ‘collar.’ One of the greatest charms of this project is its extreme simplicity. No purling. No measurements except chest circumference. Two side seams. One back seam, and all that lovely I-Cord at the edges, which is so fascinating to work.”

Materials & Gauge:

  • The 42” model in Sheepsdown shown at the left took eight 4oz skeins, @ 2.5 stitches to 1”.
  • A 40” vest took five 4oz skeins of 2-ply Sheepswool, or Homespun or fisherman Wool @ 5 stitches to 1”.
  • A 34” jacket @4 stitches to 1” took exactly 4 skeins of Highland Wool.
  • A 2-ply Icelandic model; 39” around, @ a gauge of 4 stitches to 1”, required five 3.5oz wheels of Icelandic.
  • SO: Measure you favorite jacket around; multiply the inches time the GAUGE obtained with the wool and needles you plan to use; divide the result by 4. Add 4 extra stitches if you plan to work Built-In-I-Cord-Borders.


  • Knitting Around chapter entitled “The Knitted Moebius,” pages 57-60.

  • Limited instructions included with photo