January 2020
its a continuous pattern you can use to make a project any size.
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Thule is a new mosaic crochet pattern based on an old Viking pattern of a continuous knot. It comes with a chart and written instructions on how to work it both flat and in the round, so it’s very versatile.

Having moved back home now, I sought inspiration for this pattern in my Icelandic heritage. Hence the name Thule, which was the original name for Iceland. The term comes from Latin and means “the island in the extreme North”, being the farthest north location mentioned in ancient Greek and Roman literature and cartography. The term ultima Thule later acquired a metaphorical meaning of any distant place, located beyond the borders of the known world. So, there you have it, I’m back home, beyond the borders of the known world! Wanna come visit?!

The design is based on an old Viking pattern of a continuous knot. My great grandmother had a cushion in her home with a similar pattern, that she made with needlepoint. I very much like the continuity of the pattern and the way it all connects perfectly together, forming a continuous maze, much like the weave of life.

Yarn & hook:

You can use any yarn you like for this pattern and a hook that suits your yarn. Note that when working mosaic crochet, it’s better to have a rather tight tension. That way the pattern looks neater.
On page 14 of the pattern (and in pics here!) you will find a table with yarn stats for Thule in various types of yarns.

I’m making a Thule blanket myself, working 8 repeats on the with (145 cm) and 10 repeats for the length (180 cm). I’m stitching it with Madeline Tosh and other fingering weight, hand dyed goodness and a 3 mm hook.


28 ST & rows = 10 cm (4 inches)
Using fingering weight yarn and a 3 mm hook.


This is a continuous pattern, that is worked in repeats of 48 stitches and 48 rounds, so you can really use this to make a project in any size you like.
Furthermore, you can use this pattern to make various projects, for example a cushion cover or a bag, when working it in the round. But you can just as easily work it flat and make a blanket, rug, place mats or potholders.

General Instructions

You will need at least two colors and I recommend using contrasting colors.

This pattern consists of continuous mosaic pattern, which can be worked for any size you like, and comes with written instructions for the first 5 rounds/rows and then the rest in a user-friendly chart. The pattern comes with written instructions on how to work it both in the round and flat.

If lefthanded, you can either start with the written pattern and then go on to the chart, reading it from right to left. Or just work from the chart and work it from left to right, the end result will then be the same only mirrored.

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