In Memoriam: U.S. COVID Fatalities in 2020
January 8, 2021
March 17, 2021

In Memoriam: U.S. COVID Fatalities in 2020

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U.S. COVID deaths per day in 2020.

Each 2” woven hexagon represents the number of reported deaths from COVID on a single day in the United States, starting on January 1, 2020 and ending December 31, 2020.

Data from The COVID Tracking Project at The Atlantic, used under a Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 license. (Accessed 2021-01-13)

Color key:
0 deaths: White
1-9 deaths: Blush
10-99 deaths: Cotton Candy
100-999 deaths: Lipstick
1000+ deaths: Currant


I came up with this project over winter break 2020. Los Angeles, where I live, was the center of a massive outbreak of COVID. At the time, I was actually recovering from having had COVID at the beginning of this third U.S. wave.

I was trying to relax by playing with my new 2” hexagonal pin loom, a Tiny Turtle Fine Sett. Not finding inspiration from other projects that had been done with this loom, I had the realization that the size and shape were perfect for doing a data visualization.

Taking inspiration from the many beautiful hand knit temperature scarves I’ve seen, I decided to visualize one year’s worth of data. The natural choice was to visualize COVID, partly because it was such a devastating year but also because I was frustrated by the lack of leadership which made it so devastating when it didn’t have to be!

I recognize that the visualization is imperfect. Visualizing on a log scale limited the number of yarns I needed to use but obscured the actual values. Also, the numbers I used are definitely an undercount — particularly early in 2020 when people were sick but it was near impossible to get tested. It’s not perfect but seeing all of the data at once is still striking.

I’m grateful to the COVID Tracking Project for providing a central source for this data.

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January 8, 2021
March 17, 2021
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