Indiana Afghan
April 5, 2022
June 2022

Indiana Afghan

Project info
Indiana Afghan by Tinna Thórudóttir
Myself, for the couch
Couch blanket
Hooks & yarn
5.0 mm (H)
18 stitches and 22 rows = 4 inches
in single crochet (US)


Started hook 5, ch 172

Color A: Stash blue acrylic

Plan is to use up all same weight stash acrylic, not my SSDK but random stash
Want to do double fade technique color. Lets see if it works out..


Used up the kings blue or royal blue? Not sure how you call this. I used it for first 6 rows and starting pattern 1 of the mosaic part.
Ran out of the blue in r 5 and changed color A to SSDK sherbet color.
color B is sage SSDK.

I think this could give a nice effect, with the wavey pattern in sherbet and sage.
Top of this part, above the waves will be in another color A, probably. I will have to check if I have some Kings or Royal blue in my Stash ( I think this is the name od this blue…)

One night work and I am already finished with r5 of the first pattern, so r 11 in total. slightly_smiling_face


introducing new color A, turquoise

color B for pattern 2 will probably be a Burgundy red, or a bright yellow. not sure yet


Started patterN 3
Color A terracotta, color B cloud blue ssdk


Continued pattern 3 until r10
Ran out of terracotta color, will have to think what to use for rest of pattern new color A


Pattern 3 finished
Only 3 more rows in between pattern 3 and 4

New color A is the dark burgundy, unknown stash yarn i had lying around caked up ready to be used,
Not sure about color B yet for next pattern.


Finished in between section between part3 and 4, i had to do 3 rows of sc in the color A
Then started pattern 4.

Decided to use burgundy as A and SSDK denim ( blue) for color B

I start to like using more toned down colors in stead of the bright ones I usually choose.


Started pattern 5 after redoing middle part between 4 and 5 due to a mistake.

A is scheepjes color crafter Delft, blue
B is scheepjes color crafter dark green


Started pattern 6 in lightblue A and light yellow B both SSDK


Completed dc rows between pattern 6 and 7
Started pattern 7
Color A denimblue ssdk, color B bordeaux red ssdk


Finished pattern 7 and only need to do 5 rows color A before doing pattern 8
Had to skip one color A row because I ran out of the ligjter blue.
Therefore introduced turquoise as new color A where normally the old color A would be.

Will do the pattern 8 with turquoise as color A, background color. The star in color B will probably be yellow to repeat the combination from pattern 2.


Finished part before pattern 8
Now to decide on the patterncolor..background will be turquoise


Had to redo a few rows because somehow i realised i used a 4.5 Mm hook yesterday..
So now I am back on track, r14 done of pattern 8

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April 5, 2022
June 2022
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