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October 17 2018
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Miracoli by Nim Teasdale
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Sometimes I look back on my early designs and wonder how I’d do them differently now.

For fun, I thought I’d find out.

This is a redesign of The Peacock’s Tale with a little bit of Radiata thrown in. It’s still in a crescent shape but with a different sort of construction which avoids the dreaded cast on hump some people experience. I also played with the transitions between the later charts to smooth the lines out more to my liking..

Miracoli is a crescent shawl for lace to fingering. It’s technically in 2 sizes, but includes various other points where things can be tinkered with. And the edging is ouroboros-style, so you can work right to the end of the chart, then go back to the start and do it again if you want to..

It’s named for the Pont dei Miracoli, where it was photographed. (The miracle being that there was a 2 minute break in the otherwise solid wall of foot traffic - just enough to snatch a few quick photos! Possibly this was because we were there during the big flood - which certainly made for a memorable trip.)

This design has that trip woven right through its making. It was my back up project when the roads were busy, or whenever I was stuck on something in another design. Charted up in and cast on while camping in Norway, knit while driving down from Finland through to Romania, blocked in the mountains in Serbia, photographed in Venice, on our wedding anniversary. (Aww! Thanks thegreencup, most dedicated of photographers and partners! :)

I’ve put ALL the photos here. There was a reason, but now I can’t rememeber what it was.

115g end r85
89g end r107
70.5g end r115
63g end r119
59g end r121
49g end r126 (2g per row = 24+g for rem 12r)
38g end r131
24.3g end r137 - then r41 as shown
14.5g end r43
12g end r44 (2.5g used)
6.9 end r42 again.
4.1 end r43
Repeating rows 41-44 twice to use all available yarn.

130x65cm (52x26in) after blocking.
160g = 1.06 skeins = 668 meters (735 yards) (I wanted to use up a little bit of end yardage that had been leftover from Where the Forest Meets the Sea.

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October 17 2018
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