The dragon with the golden wings
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The dragon with the golden wings

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fairytale project Feathers and dragons
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For my art project Feathers and dragons I am writing the fairytalebook of the frightened little bird and the dragon. The fairytale starts with a young girl who becomes a frightened little bird and a dragon who is spitting ugly words towards her.
Many adventures follow and in the end the frightened little bird has become a brave little bird with many friends.
Even the dragon has to change in the end….
He has to become more friendly and I hope he even will get feathered golden wings ….

There is a relation between the golden wings and the golden keywords - golden qualities of human beings….
Whenever a human being is willing to live with one of the golden keywords, the wings of the dragon start to grow with a new feather….
So for the golden wings of the dragon I will need some help…..
It has to become a real community project. You can participate in this project: Help the dragon to get his golden wings!

Read all about this here
There is also a knitting pattern.

The wings….. I am trying to make a pattern for the wings now - but it is not easy to me to imagine how they will be when I have made a frame of wire for them…. and how will it look when the golden feathers are attached to the wings?

My dear husband has made the frame for the wings!

And the first feathers have arrived!

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In progress
no date set
work in progress
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