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May 20 2015
June 20 2015
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Leftie by Martina Behm
Needles & yarn
US 2½ - 3.0 mm
Artesano Definition
1 skein = 437.0 yards (399.6 meters), 100 grams
The Good Wool Shop in Formby, Liverpool

I am happy to have started with this. I have a lot of leftover yarn in sock and fingering weight from socks and shawls I have knitted over the years. This is a great pattern to use up and showcase some of my favorites.
I choose a light neutral color for the main color. Thank you to Isabel from the Good Wool Shop in Formby for helping me choose :)
Not enough yarn for MC?! I have realized a little problem with this. The pattern calls for 130g in the Wollmeise Pure for the MC which is 497 yards. I have 437 yards and so far I used close to half of it after 19 leaves. It is a little tricky now to decide on the color sequence if I want to finish it once I run out of yarn, but I will keep weighing how much I am using and will decide as I go along. There are some who knitted this project with just 26 leaf repeats instead of 29.
Another solution would be to ask Isabel at the Good Wool Shop to mail another skein.
A third solution, if I want to have the 29 leaves, is to flip the colors and start making the leaves in the MC and the stripes in between in the CC. I will see how it plays out best.
Another way to deal with this is to use a different yarn in a color close to it as the MC for the final stripes. I found “Wildfoote” by Brown Sheep Company at AL Stickle. Vanilla is a little lighter than the Cream Cake color, but may be able to pull it off with this…
Miracle of miracles! It turned out that I did have enough yarn for 29 leaves. The last MC section is 8 instead of 10 rows and I was left with 1 yard of MC yarn in the end. I don’t know how the 437 yards were enough, because everybody else seemed to have needed more and I did go up 1/2 needle size… but I am very happy :)
Finishing: It took a rainy Sunday over a week later to finally sew in all the yarn ends. I used the duplicate stitch method the yarn ends. At two ends for each stripe of 29 stripes PLUS two ends of the MC yarn, I had to sew in 60 ends in all. But actually more, because I doubled some of the fine lace yarns…

Here is a list of where the left over yarns came from:
Leaf 1: Madeline Tosh Socks yarn before knitting the socks which are #13 in my queue.
2: ?
4: A Gift from Heaven
5: A Gift from Heaven
6: A Gift from Heaven
7: A Gift from Heaven
8: Too pretty for socks
9: ?
10: A Gift from Heaven
11: sample yarn Miss Babs “Windsor” sock yarn color Lake Michigan
12: sample yarn ITW Ulundi socks
13: Deborah’s stash :)
14: someone else’s stash
15: A Gift From Heaven
16: ?
17: Madeline Tosh Unicorn Tail
18: Knit Your Love
19: Afterglow
20: Julie’s shawl
21: Transitions
22: ?
23: Pendulum
24: Transitions
25: Gift from Heaven
26: Another pair of roadtrip socks
27: sample yarn Artyarn cshmere
28: Hidden Love Socks
29: someone else’s stash

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May 20 2015
June 20 2015
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