Kill Me Now
July 31, 2014
October 21, 2014

Kill Me Now

Project info
Helen Cowl by Margot Erdmann
Neck / TorsoCowl
Needles & yarn
US 4 - 3.5 mm
Arctic Qiviut 100% Qiviut 2-Ply
35 yards in stash
0.42 skeins = 183.5 yards (167.8 meters), 24 grams
Changing Threads in Skagway, Alaska
May 14, 2013

31 Jul
I had such issues with the provisional cast on. I tried to do my normal one (that I do with toe-up socks) but the bottom stitches got all whacked out. It was completely driving me nuts.

But then I found the lifeline provisional (crocheted) cast on in my Cast On, Bind Off book and it is fabulous! My hero!

Of course, I had so many issues with casting on that the very bottom of my yarn is super-fuzzy. Sad face.

5 Aug
Is this magical yarn? The knit material is growing but I don’t think the yarn cake is shrinking. Also, it is so delightfully soft and cuddly that it must have special powers. Or I am just really used to sock yarn.

11 Sep
Still plugging away. It’s probably about two feet long without any stretching. I think it would have been best if I had made this one repeat wider, but I think blocking will make it more cowl width instead of the current scarf width that it is. It’s so soft and fluffy! <3

13 Oct
This is going so slowly. If I mess up on a row, it can take five minutes to figure out what I did wrong so I can fix it properly. I’ve only used 20g of the yarn so far and it’s about 2 ½ feet long. I’m thinking I’ll stop it at about 3 feet (it will shrink up a little when I block it to stretch it width-wise). Maybe I’ll have enough to make a matching hat?

18 Oct
Muahahaha! I got the cowl to the length I wanted and today, I grafted it together and it’s blocking now. Yay!

During the grafting, I did something insanely smart purely by accident - I put in a lifeline on each side before grafting. The purpose was to be able to easily pick the stitches back up if the grafting went horribly wrong, but the end result was that, once the sides had been grafted together, the grafted row was perfectly highlighted so it was super cake to go back and straighten up the tension. Unintentionally brilliant.

28 Oct
Post-blocking, this delightful thing weighs as much as a feather (it seems) and is soft enough that it must be made out of rainbows and kittens.

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July 31, 2014
October 21, 2014
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