Not a Cruise Accessory
March 29, 2013
June 15, 2013

Not a Cruise Accessory

Project info
Pleated Denim Purse by Laura Irwin
Needles & yarn
US 5 - 3.75 mm
Plymouth Yarn Worsted Merino Superwash Solids
94 yards in stash
0.5 skeins = 109.0 yards (99.7 meters), 50 grams
The Bead Place in Fairview Heights, Illinois
February 13, 2012

29 Mar
Still no buttons for my sweater but I’m tired of making dishrags. I’ve been looking for a cute wristlet so thought this would be a good pattern to do.

I am going to change it to make it a zipper closure (so things won’t fall out). Should make for an interesting challenge - a lining and a zipper, neither of which I’ve done before.

I’m not swatching or seeing how this yarn does after blocking, so hopefully things will turn out all good.

And the front is done! I had a bit of trouble with the pleat but I think it turned out okay.

30 Mar
Pieces are made and blocking! And now I’m a bit nervous about the impending lining and zipper-dom. Nervous! Assuming I don’t screw it up completely, this could be super cute!

I am not doing the flap attached to the back since it will probably interfere with opening and closing the zipper, but I like how the flap makes the front look. So I did it as a separate piece. Depending on how it looks, I may or may not use it on the front. We shall see!

02 Apr
I have never done the mattress stitch before. Very neat results! Though I was almost half way through seaming and realized I was seaming it inside out. Sigh. Take two!

17 Apr
Yesterday, I bought material for the lining and a zipper. Last night I realized I had forgotten matching thread. Sigh.

13 Jun
Finally! After this sitting around for ages, I’ve face my sewing machine fears and learned to use it! Now the lining and zipper have both been sewn in. Messing around with handle ideas, though, has made me determine that an icord would look best. That and a bit of finishing is all that is left!

15 Jun
Used icord for the handle and then sewed on the little front flap for some interest. The material in the top picture is what I used for the lining of the purse.

Now that it is all done (much later than anticipated) I have no idea what I’m going to do with it!

Random thoughts:
I hate this yarn. Splits like crazy and tends to untwist. And it feels crunchy, which is my biggest issue with it. Yuck. Also, I’m not 100% thrilled with how the stitches are laying. The purl rows are fine, but the knit rows have a little poofiness on the right side of the V. If it were in the round (and thus consistent on all rows) I’d have less trouble with it but as it is, it seems rather uneven. Oh well. I’m trying to think of it as a design feature.

I have used this yarn in gray to make the husband’s hat and gloves. I really enjoyed it then (though it was splitty but it felt nice, still) so apparently it is the dye for this color that makes it feel icky to me?

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March 29, 2013
June 15, 2013
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