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A Crispy-First Sky Cowl
January 25, 2012
April 27, 2014
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A Crispy-First Sky Cowl
Sky Scarf by Lea Redmond
365 days, 9" x 89" around
Needles & yarn
US 4 - 3.5 mm
1,749 yards
Jojoland Ballad
119 yards in stash
0.46 skeins = 101.2 yards (92.5 meters), 23 grams
A New Twist (Yarn Shop) in Wichita, Kansas
April 25, 2014
Knit Picks Palette
189 yards in stash
3.18 skeins = 734.6 yards (671.7 meters), 159 grams
Knit Picks Palette
203 yards in stash
1.12 skeins = 258.7 yards (236.6 meters), 56 grams
Knit Picks Palette
9 yards in stash
0.02 skeins = 4.6 yards (4.2 meters), 1 grams
Knit Picks Palette
166 yards in stash
1.28 skeins = 295.7 yards (270.4 meters), 64 grams
Knit Picks Palette
30 yards in stash
0.46 skeins = 106.3 yards (97.2 meters), 23 grams
Knit Picks Palette
213 yards in stash
0.08 skeins = 18.5 yards (16.9 meters), 4 grams
Lang Yarns Jawoll Superwash Solids
none left in stash
1 skein = 230.0 yards (210.3 meters), 50 grams
A New Twist (Yarn Shop) in Wichita, Kansas

The plan is to knit this during my forty-first year. I’m casting on 41 sts and knitting in seed stitch. The black will divide the months and edge the cowl in applied i-cord.


  • CO 41 sts.
  • seed stitch pattern
  • I knit two black rows between each month.
  • kept writing down the sky colors in a pocket calendar even though I wasn’t knitting every day. Caught up over a year later.
  • Three-stitch i-cord, three-needle bind off to join ends into an infinity scarf
  • Seven-stitch applied i-cord around the edges to cover up the ugly mass of yarns I carried up one side.


April 21, 2014: Once again, I didn’t make note of anything during the bulk of the knitting. Today, though, I joined the ends to create an infinity scarf. Since I didn’t think to make a provisional cast on at the beginning, I picked up the stitches at the beginning end so I could do a three-needle bind off with the live stitches on the finishing end. But wait, that’s not all. At the same time, I did an i-cord bind off. That’s right: an i-cord, three-needle bind off. And I didn’t die.

Had some false starts with the applied i-cord edging, though. After watching a few youtube videos on various ways to make applied i-cord, I settled on this method. I started with a crocheted provisional cast on so I can graft the i-cord together when I get back around to the beginning.

April 22, 2014: Yardage before including black: 1418.4

April 27, 2014: After knitting days of applied icord, I’m over it. I had intended to have icord on both edges, but I’m leaving the pretty side alone. Besides, if I knit a 7-st icord on that tidy edge, it wouldn’t be filled out like the other one; it’d just be floppy. So, we’re going to have a naked side and call it done.

First Time

  • i-cord, three-needle bind off

  • Applied i-cord edging in the method chosen

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January 25, 2012
April 27, 2014
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