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O'Keeffe? O’Kay!
December 22 2017
February 15 2018
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O'Keeffe? O’Kay!
O’Keeffe by Bristol Ivy
1 (35")
Needles & yarn
US 5 - 3.75 mm
11.5 stitches and 16 rows = 2 inches
in Stockinette
Blacker Yarns Samite Silk Blend
287 yards in stash
2.43 skeins = 1222.4 yards (1117.8 meters), 243 grams
Blacker Yarns
November 27, 2017

Knit the upper (stockinette) portion of this during our 22-hour holiday road trip, because there is no better way to spend a 22-hour road trip.

The Blacker knits up like a dream - and blocks just as dreamily. Overall, this sweater is like wearing a giant, fluffy cloud; I adore it.

On Short Rows: It took two froggings, but I eventually produced some semi-respectable short rows using Bristol’s method. The result is nearly identical to that of German short-rows, which I typically use; were I to knit again, I think I’d stick with the devil I know.

On the modeled WIP Photo: Taken after five repeats of Chart B, if curious. (I always knit sleeves early, as nothing kills my knitting mojo quite like sleeves.)


  • See my KAL post if you’re not sure how to divide for the second sleeve.
  • The written Chart B instructions refer to SK2P, which is a typo. It should refer to S2KPO. (The Chart B illustration is correct; it’s just the written instructions that are inaccurate.)
  • I knit the aforementioned S2KPO as “slip two, knit one, pass slipped stitches over” - which is not how the index defines this stitch series, but that’s the way I’ve always interpreted it. :shrug emoji:

Submitted to the Knitting Outside the Box KAL.

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December 22 2017
February 15 2018
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by Blacker Yarns
Light Fingering
40% Shetland, 30% Bluefaced Leicester, 20% Eri, 10% Gotland
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