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This is a collection of six of my most popular necklace patterns. You save almost 30% when you purchase these 6 patterns as a collection.

Patterns available as Ravelry Downloads

Crochet: Necklace
Once you master the basic concept of making the links, the pattern can be a jumping off point to other necklace designs as you can vary the configuration of the link sizes. Included in this pattern download will be all three versions that you see above. Version 1 features links that are graduated in size, version 2 has a mock bow, and version 3...
Crochet: Scarf
This is a fun project that utilizes simple stitches in an effective way to create a cheerful scarf that will brighten any child’s day.
Crochet: Scarf
This festive scarf makes an eye-catching statement piece, with delicate motifs bravely balanced by strong chain links and unique fringe tassels. A BULKY weight yarn is used to create the motifs, and a SUPER BULKY weight is used for the background of the motifs and chain links to give them stability. The scarf is worked in a remarkable way, with...
Crochet: Necklace
Colleziono gioielli d’epoca e adoro le eleganti collane di strass degli anni ‘50. Progettando questa collana ho voluto creare un bel bijoux da realizzare combinando in modo originale punti in realtà molto semplici. L’uso di filati metallici ricorda la ricchezza di delicati gioielli che potevano essere indossati tutti i giorni o per occasioni sp...
Crochet: Necklace
As a collector of vintage jewelry, I adore delicate 1950’s rhinestone necklaces. I designed this necklace by combining simple stitches in a unique way, to create an ornate piece. The use of metallic yarn echoes the richness of fine jewelry that could be worn everyday or for formal occasions.
Crochet: Cowl
Use simple stitches and surface crochet, to create a stylish gathered cowl to keep you warm on those cool days.
Crochet: Necklace
Crochet the strand of leaves and stems, then crochet the flower buds into the stems. Add flair to any simple neckline with this quick project. It is satisfying and fun to crochet. A unique accessory that also makes a great gift, since you will be able to make several from the two skeins of yarn!
Crochet: Headband
Fashionable, functional, and comfortable to wear. Create this glamorous headband in an afternoon! This headband stretches to fit your head just right. You can customize the length of the headband by increasing or decreasing the number of pattern repeats.
Crochet: Fingerless Gloves
See the video tutorial available for this pattern:
Crochet: Necklace
A quick and fun to crochet necklace that includes effective details that are elegant and eye-catching. For the final finishing touch, crocheted beads are added to elevate the necklace to a unique piece of statement jewelry.
Crochet: Necklace
This eye-catching necklace includes a unique mix of techniques from thread crochet to embroidery embellishment, which really come to life when placed on a solid background of sock yarn. The excitement builds in this project as each layer is added, until the grand finale, when you get to join all of at the pieces together into a harmonious chain...
Crochet: Collar
Basic stitches are combined to create an eye-catching, embellished collar with whimsical ties. Make any simple top, more fun to wear!
Crochet: Necklace
Crochet a stunning fine jewelry piece worthy of your best occasion. The metallic yarn sets off the design and gives it a rich, opulent look.
Crochet: Necklace
A collection of three easy to wear, eye-catching necklace designs that are crocheted to look like natural stones. The organic shapes, shaded yarn, and filling give the illusion of natural stones. You can choose to embellish them with embroidery, or let the crochet speak for itself.
Crochet: Scarf
This pattern keeps it interesting with color and stitch changes every row. The scarf is made in two strips that are joined together with a unique zig zag join. The back looks quite different from, and is just as beautiful as the front, so how you wrap the scarf will give you more looks and styling options.
Crochet: Necklace
Inspired by both macrame and ornate vintage jewelry, this necklace has a modern look, and can be customized by using different colors for the various elements of the necklace, or try going metallic for a more glitzy style. It is comprised of a combination of simple stitches that create its elegant shape.
Crochet: Ring
This pattern was created to complement the “Mademoiselle” necklace I designed for Berroco.
Crochet: Earrings
These earrings were inspired by my Blossom Necklace Pattern
Crochet: Necklace
For a free earring pattern inspired by this necklace, please see:
Crochet: Toy Game, Ball
Video Tutorial Available for this Pattern:
Crochet: Belt
My favorite part of the grand prize winning “Kyoto Coat” that I designed for the Crochet Guild of America’s 2010 design competition, was the crazy quilt style sash. I liked it so much, I decided to design a belt for myself using the same technique. I consider this to be the big sister of the “Kyoto Coat” sash, so I named it the “Paris Belt”, af...
Crochet: Necklace
An elegant and festive accessory with elements of a fine jewelry piece. Interesting design details make this a satisfying piece to crochet. It is quick to make and takes very little yarn, so it is a great project for a gift. Crochet it in one color or two in a Dk Weight yarn.
Crochet: Bracelet
Practice a little upcycling by crocheting a fashionable bangle around the cardboard insert from a ball of crochet thread. Bands crocheted in ombre yarn, emulate stained glass when they are layered and covered with a decorative mesh.
Crochet: Necklace
The beauty of novelty yarn is highlighted by crocheting petite strands of beads. Three graduated strands make this into an elegant statement piece.
Crochet: Button, Applique / Embellishment
Add this fun detail to a blouse or cardigan. The first round is crocheted around an adjustable elastic cord, so it can fit nicely over a variety of button sizes. Follow the same instructions using different yarn or thread weights to create different size button frames.
Crochet: Ring
A quick and fun project that is great for gifts and party favors. It can be made in 1, 2, or 3 colors.