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This is a collection of hat patterns, berets, caps, cables, and colourwork.

This bundle contains my ♥ patterns. Half of all sales is donated to WCKitchen.

WCKitchen are usually amongst the first responders for people under stress or facing devastating circumstances. They also work towards creating food security for communities and assist independent restaurants as we endure this pandemic (and beyond).

Pleas visit their page: World Central Kitchen
Buy a pattern, knit, and share OR donate directly, if you can and thank you for checking out the bundle!

28 items

Just a few items to keep your environment warm and in yarn!

12 items

This is a collection of sleeveless tops and waistcoats.

A variety of rectangles keeping your neck safe from the wind, rain, and snow.

70 items

Lace, texture, colour….squares, triangles, circles, and more!

This bundle includes my Patreon member exclusive patterns.

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