Carol Feller

Carol Feller is an independent knitwear designer and teacher. Her design approach combines her training as both an artist and a structural engineer, emphasizing seamless construction and clever shaping techniques to create flattering, tailored garments with interesting shapes and textures. Her patterns for men, women, and children are widely published in books and magazines, including Knitting in the Sun (Wiley, 2009), More Knitting in the Sun (Wiley, 2011), Twist Collective, Interweave Knits, Knitty, and Yarn Forward. She lives in Cork, Ireland, with her husband, four sons, and a large dog.
Her first book Contemporary Irish Knits was published by Wiley in August 2011.
If you want to contact me about any of my patterns please PM me.
You can also find support and information on my Stolen Stitches group.

original designs  

from Wearable Lace
from Knitting in the Sun
from Stolen Stitches
from twist collective Spring 2009
from Stolen Stitches
from Stolen Stitches
from Stolen Stitches
from Knitty, Winter 2007