Charlotte Monckton

Having been on Ravelry for a few years, I am now venturing in to the realms of designing. I don’t expect to be a prolific designer, but want to share my original designs with anyone who is interested in knitting them.

If you have any questions please come and see my new group CharlieKNITS. Your question may already have been asked and answered!

Many of my project photos and all of my pattern photos are taken by my lovely husband Mark… If you are interested you can find more of his photos on his website:

re: EU VAT legislation from 1st January 2015

New EU VAT rules come into effect from 1st January 2015 which require VAT to be added to the price for digital products based on the location of the purchaser (rather than the seller).

In order to comply with these rules I will be using the facility that ravelry and LoveKnitting have worked out between them. This means that non-UK EU sales on ravelry will be diverted through LoveKnitting who will collect the correct tax and then pay the taxes to the authorities for me.

I’m afraid that this means that people in Europe but outside the UK will pay more (as their country’s VAT will be added to the ravelry price). Be assured that the VAT doesn’t come to me and, in fact, I will be receiving less as Love Knitting charges a fee to handle the transactions on my behalf.

original designs  

from CharlieKNITS ravelry store
from CharlieKNITS ravelry store