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The DK Laurentians Collection was inspired by the amazing beauty of The Laurentians (les Laurentides). A year-round recreational area and mountain range in southern Quebec; situated north of the St. Lawrence River and Ottawa River. The Laurentian Mountains are in the Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivere-Malbaie National Park.

The Laurentians are an all-time favorite summer and autumn vacation destination. The splendor of the autumn colours are distinct memories from childhood adventures.

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The DK Knitwear Collection: Prairie Heart and Soul Collection is a tribute to the Canadian prairies that stretch across the flatlands from Manitoba, Saskatchewan to the foothills in Alberta, abutting the great Canadian Rockies.
Horticulture, architecture, natural resources, wildlife, people and lifestyles brought inspirations and life into this design collection.

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The DK Knitwear Collection: Salt of the Earth Knitwear Collection was inspired by the inner and outer Herbrides Islands and my love of Harris Tweed. The islands and landscape, people, lifestyles, and historical architecture inspired and influenced the merge of texture and colour. Simplicity of lines, texture and contour are common elements throughout the collection, with a touch of lace for contrast.

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A collection of beautiful textures in hand knit garments and accessories for everyday wear.

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The westcoast of British Columbia and its stunningly beautiful geographic landforms, waterways and wildlife were the design inspirations for the DK Knitwear Collection WESTCOAST.
This collection is a celebration of memories and moments at some of my most favorite places near where I live on Vancouver Island. This DK Knitwear Collection transpired while I was in the midst of designing the DK Salt of the Earth Collection. The Gulf Islands, situated along the Strait of Georgia, near to my home on Vancouver Island, played in my thoughts as I researched the isles of the Inner and Outer Herbrides of Scotland. Seaside landscapes, views from rocky outcroppings, and wide open skies were delightful moments to ponder and muse while working through the design process from start to finish.

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The DK Knitwear Collection: Botanical is a ongoing repertoire of designs, each inspired by a particular plant or flower that sparked an interest and offered a fond moment in time.

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The DK Forest Collection transpired from design inspirations from forested landscapes and wildlife in the rainforests of coastal British Columbia. The knitwear designs depict components from a childbook story of adventures and observations of two Western Red Cedars, Seed and Sprout, while growing up in a forested mountainside on Vancouver Island!