Elena Somou

Elena Somou

Hi there !!

My name is Chiqui (a.k.a Elena)

My love story with yarns and hook begins three years ago when I first bought a skein of yarn and my first hook. At first I spent hours watching videos to learn the different stitch techniques, experimenting, crocheting and ripping when something just not felt right. As a perfectionist I wanted my creations to be at least perfect! As time went by i managed to improve my skills and be satisfied with what I was making with my own hands. It still fascinates me the concept of handmade .. You make something out of (apparently) nothing! The possibilities? Endless!!! The time? Having two small kids sometimes is very limited. However i’m crocheting almost every day and if I don’t do so it feels like something is missing…

Recently i started creating pattern designs and shortly will follow my own amigurumi toys collection.

I try to follow my moto in every aspect of my life : when sky is the limit… dream big and aim higher!!

Love and hugs,

original designs  

Nursing Necklace & Teething Bracelet
Happily Hooked Magazine, Issue #31, October 2016
Liontis the amigurumi lion
Elena Somou's Pattern Store
Mini Amigurumi Lion
Happily Hooked Magazine, Issue #24, March 2016
Easter bunny and chick eggs
Elena Somou's Pattern Store
Hugpie Baby Security Blanket
Happily Hooked Magazine, Issue #23, February 2016