Heather Davis

Heather Davis

I support racial justice and social equality. I support the LGBTQI+ community.

Some of my patterns will be available for free temporarily or permanently. If you’d like to support my work anyway, please consider donating at Ko-fi (no account needed). Each of these efforts represents a hundred or more hours of work. Thank you!

I draw my inspiration from yarn itself, from my travels, and from my immediate environment, both natural and urban.

I have been a knitter for ages and ages - I do it all the time, in the doctor’s office, on the bus, in an airplane, over coffee.

My career has been in global health, often based overseas, but now I’m hunkering down in the US for a while.

original designs

Arcadia Cowl
Chateau de Tricot
Pico Peak
The Utili-Cowl
From The Mountain Sources, LLC
Tenue de Ville
Basic Bamboo Socks