Hrönn Jónsdóttir

I got bitten by the knitting bug in 2007. Pretty soon, I found it to be much more fun making things up as I went than to follow patterns down to the letter. So I’ve made quite a few pieces with nothing but a vague idea to follow at first.
Recently I’ve been getting a lot of requests for patterns to some of my things, so now I’m slowly and carefully starting to make patterns.
It’s quite a job, because usually I don’t remember to keep any notes while knitting - so to make up a pattern usually requires me to knit the whole thing again…

original designs  

from Tusen Ideer
from Gjestal Strikkedesign No. 236
from Alpakka Tweed Story
from Alpakka Chic
from Pjusken's Google Docs
from Pjusken's Google Docs