Jani Fellows

Jani Fellows

Jani was a master knitter and knit designer. Her work appeared in Sunset Magazine, in the “Knit a Day” Calendar and in Fleece Navidad (Maggie Sefton).

Over many decades, Jani taught and led knit workshops in California and Colorado. She was co-founder of the Madame DeFarge knitting salon the Denver Public Library.

From 1965 to 1979, she ran a very successful knit shop in San Francisco called “The Knit Wit”, published her own fashion patterns and manufactured the original line of “Texas Coin Purse”-style knitting bags.

Jani’s husband of 67 years, Jim, continues to promote her vintage patterns and honor her legacy.

original designs  

Mohair Shawl
Knits by Jani
Muffler (and swirl hat)
Knitting Calendar 2006
Chinese Tunic
Knits by Jani
Hers and His Cardigan Sweater
Knits by Jani 7207
Illustration by Lois de Ford
Vintage Poncho
Knits by Jani 7101a