Julie Williams

Patterns for a range of different knitted animals, available in boy or girl designs.
All of these animals are the same size - around 9 inches tall (23 cms) measured from toes to top of the head. All come with at least one outfit.

There is also a range of separate clothing to fit these animals.

A selection of extra clothing designs for the range of regular sized ‘Little Cotton Rabbit’ knitted animals. The clothes will fit any of the larger animal designs which come with removable clothing (will not fit the small sized animals nor the mini sized bunnies and bears).

Some are to buy and some are free.

Scaled down versions of my regular sized animal designs. They’re 7 inches (18cms) tall, from toes to top of head.
Each pattern comes with the toy and a couple of outfits, including sweater, shorts and dress.

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Patterns that you don’t have to pay for :)

Some are stand-alone some are free supplements to other paid patterns.

An assortment of pincushions/toys and patterns that didn’t fit into any other category!

Additional outfits and shoes for the small sized little cotton rabbit animals