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My Daddy said my creative thinking is a sickness! And he was right! I can’t live without doing some funny things. To watch tv is just wasted time for me. It is more comfortable for me to sit all night long playing with strange symbols on pieces of paper, needles, yarns and … designing. Or knitting. Sometimes;-)

My work is “I design because I can” work. I do it because i can. And it makes me happy. It is amazing to let the needles fly over the stitches.

My biggest mistake: I can’t stop being creative! I get so many very friendly emails and I’m very proud of them. Thank you so much!! But if I am pregnant with an idea, then I’m a very grumbling person! The idea is in my head and I have to think about until the idea can be born. Most of the time I have more than twins in my head. So, thank you, Hubby, for being patient!

Why am I doing shawls? Can’t I knit socks? Yes, I could. I always wear self-knitted socks. But a shawl has a great advantage over socks: it doesn’t need a second half! It is just knitted in one piece- and I’m done! The second sock or the second arm of a sweater is soo boring! It is my thing to knit a shawl. It doesn’t need to be a special size; I cast off when I think it is done. Try to do that with a sock!

And… shawls are glamourous. They bring a shine of feeling great to every situation of life. Try to drape a sock around your neck and feeling great!

And why “Kalinumba”?

When my son was 3 years old, he slid down a large slide. That was the first time for him and he was so proud-- the red cheeks, the grin from ear to ear. Actually, he wanted to shout out “Karramba!” or “Yippie!” or “Juhu!” From the mixture of these words, “kalinumba” came out of his mouth. Since then, his expression is for me the word for joy and fun. And perhaps a little luck in a small or even great cause.

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