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The very first Knit Along with Katya Frankel!

When: Feb 20th — cast on date and 30th March — to cast off.

What: You can knit any KF pattern. Anything at all, whether it’s in your ever-growing WIP pile or a new cast on, garments, accessories, large or small — it’s all good.

There will be a chat thread in the Rav group, you are more than welcome to join in with the chatter, and a Finished Object thread, later on.

Incentives: there is a 20% discount with the code anythinggoeskal on all self-published patterns from 8th until the end of the first week of the KAL (Sunday 29th) for anyone participating.


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Basic Blocks is a bundle of patterns that only use knits and purls and simple shaping.
These are your favourite cozy wardrobe staples, suited for an adventurous beginner knitters.

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A selection of my Summer Knitting patterns for women suited for the warmer weather months.

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Classic styles, wearable knits, spiced up with cables and yarn overs.
These patterns are more of the intermediate skill level, but are also suitable for those who want to try new skills or practice simple cables and lace.

Any pattern specific or unusual techniques are as always well described within each pattern.

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These are your intermediate to advanced patterns that will result in drop dead gorgeous knits. Some will need more of your attention when following the pattern, some have more intricate lace or cables, set in sleeves or charted stitch patterns.

Any unusual techniques are always specified and well described within the pattern instructions.