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The Winter Whites Collection features patterns created in all variations of winter white, off white, and beiges. The patterns were made to go with anything so that they are the perfect addition to any winter wardrobe items.

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Whether you know someone in the US military or you just love to support your country, the Stars & Stripes Collection has something for everyone.

Collection includes:
Freedom Shawl
Libery Star Throw/baby blanket
Stars & Stripes leg warmers
American Flag blanket

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It all started with the Pemberley Heirloom baby blanket. From their this collection was born as a way of making that extra special item for loved ones. With this bundle you will receive the following patterns:

Pemberley Sweater
Pemberley Shawl
Pemberley Choker & Bracelet
Pemberley Scarf

In addition to these 4 new patterns, you will also receive a copy of Pemberley Heirloom blanket, which was the inspiration for creating the entire collection.

Purchase bundle here: Use coupon code PEMBERLEY and receive more than 50% OFF the entire bundle.

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I love creating scarves and cowls. They’re the perfect accessory on cold winter days.

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