Laura Patterson
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Crescents are knit from lace up, shaping down, or starting with the lace edge, and picking up stitches along a side to shape later.

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No mitts, either. This bundle is all about sock yarn, and what you can make with it other than things for your hands and feet.

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The one thing these designs have in common is that they contain at least one Japanese stitch.

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This group of sweaters has one thing in common: each one includes lace: from all-over lace designs to those with just a bit at hem or neck.

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Want to knit one of my sweater designs? They’re all here in this bundle, and easy to find.

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Except for one, Tronsen, all cowls are knit in the round.

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Here are all the pattern collections that I have put together so far. All reflect a savings over buying the patterns individually.

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All mittens and mitts (so far) knit from the cuff toward the fingers, in the round, with gussets for the thumbs.

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Most sock patterns are worked from the cuff down, but a few are worked from the toe up.