Lavish Craft
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My scale based designs.

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Squishy goodness amazingly fast!

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A selection of accessories using Japanese Style Wrapped & Twisted (ktbl) and Stitches

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Patterns featuring variations on the ‘Stairs’ Stitch.

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Cabled accessories.
I love working cables both traditional and modern. Depth, movement and great satisfaction watching the overall effect unfold as they’re ‘built’.

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Patterns tailored for and available in the
KnitCompanion App

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I really enjoy these slipped/striped mosaic pieces.

They knit up quickly, easily, and give a great colorful effect with only a single color at a time worked.

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Hats: Elegant, Utilitarian, or Quirky, I love them.
Hats work up fast and are a great way to experiment with shaping and structure.