Lee Meredith
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hats and other head things, like headbands…

17 items

fingerless mitts, mittens, cuffs, and anything else for your hands or wrists…

47 items

cowls, shawls, scarfs, and other neck accessories…

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knitting patterns/collections that involve game playing and/or adventure choosing or other similar kinds of things, like choosing different elements as you knit or wearing in playful ways…

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All of these patterns are written for any gauge, any weight yarn, and to make any size with any gauge. (So it’s not the weight that determines the size.)

A few of these patterns have 2 versions included, and 1 of the versions is for any gauge.

Some of my patterns which are not included in this bundle are written for a certain weight/gauge but include detailed modification notes on how to use other weights/gauges.

Collections and ebooks; some are normal collections (like the trios, which are three independent patterns) and some are more fun ebooks, like the Adventure Knitting books!

Patterns from my Adventure Knitting collection ebooks!

leethal designs which are especially good choices for gift knitting, mostly because they do or can knit up quickly!

patterns I’ve designed for Knit Picks (most are free, some are paid)