Manuèle Ducret

I started knitting in autumn 2005, two months before the birth of my third child. I could not sit and sew, neither concentrate enough to embroider. Since that day, I never stopped.

The pattern that made me want to start knitting was Clapotis, from Kate Gilbert. I reduced it a little, and at the end I found myself with a little bit of yarn that I could not imagine to let unused. So I invented my first pattern, that you can find on my blog, in french (my mother tongue) and in english.

I am a swiss librarian, trained in Art History but working in the chemistry and forensic science fields. (please note my use of the capitals here!) I vent my creativity and urge for colors and composition mostly in knitting, but also in sewing, singing and dancing with my children. I am very much concerned by the ecology, and try to live as green as possible.

If you note an error in one of my instructions, or any abuse of the english language, please please tell me! I am willing to progress.

I am happy to be here, and sharing my love of knitting with people who can understand me. xo from Switzerland.

original designs  

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