Mary-Ann Lammers
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Mosaic knitting is the simplest way to achieve stunning colour work effects.

A variety of stitches will keep your interest and the changing of colours will satisfy your artistic side. The mosaic effect is as simple as slipping stitches and only working with one colour per row. So simple and yet so effective.

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Planned colour pooling is a great way to showcase those hand dyed skeins of yarn in your stash.

New to planned pooling? Then the pattern to start with is the first pattern in the row here, the DaVinci Cowl.

I have used SweetGeorgia yarn for most of these designs but Wollmeise is also a perfect yarn for these designs. It is best though to go to 3mm or 3.25 mm with Wollmeise fingering weight yarn. The dyeing of the multicoloured skeins like the blue and white I did with No Whale Watching creates a lovely watercolour effect. I would not use their Harmonistas as they will not pool for you. Because their skeins are longer your finished sizes will be different than the ones I have used SweetGeorgia yarns for. It is easy to adapt though and I am always available for help.

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The simple joys of discovering yarn shops, finding the perfect skeins of exciting new yarns and then casting on in a beautiful location. That is a Knitcation!

Take these simple designs anywhere you go even if your Knitcation is the hour you have of peaceful knitting on the subway to work. We can all find the perfect moments to hold our needles and free our minds of everyday living.