I’m a knitter and crafter, living just outside Oslo, Norway.

Please read my FAQ before using one of my patterns.

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.


1: Can you help me download a pattern or send it to me?

All my patterns are posted in the descriptions of photos on Flickr. I do not do downloads or send outs.

2: Can you help me choose a yarn / decide which increase to use / otherwise help me understand your pattern?

I do not offer pattern support on my free patterns.

Before starting a project, read through the entire pattern text. If there is something you do not understand, that pattern may not be for you.

There are some Qs&As in the comments. You could also check the notes on other users’ projects for some useful information.

I also suggest discussing any questions you may have in a group or forum here on Ravelry. There are hundreds! On some patterns there is a tab marked “forum posts” where you can click and find discussions about that pattern in the forums.

3: Can I sell what I knit from your patterns?


4: Can my I post your pattern on my blog?

You can, but it would be nicer if you linked to the original source.

5: Can my LYS sell printouts of your patterns?

The patterns themselves are my property and are not to be sold or be used to make money in any other way. This includes selling the patterns in kits. I don’t charge anything for my patterns, and neither should anyone else.

6: Can I put your pattern in a book?

See 5.

7: Can I translate your pattern to my own language?

There are several translations out there, so check if you find it in the language you need. If you do make a translation, you have my permission to post it and register it as a free (!) pattern here on Ravelry. The responsibility for posting, linking, proofreading and everything to do with the translation is entirely yours. Please credit my pattern as the original source for your translation.

8: Can I make my own version of your pattern, or make a new one, using yours as a source?

Yes. As long as you credit the original pattern and otherwise take full responsibility for your version/adaptation, as in 7. Your version of the pattern must also be free of charge to the user.

Thank you.

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