Tara Wheeler

Tara Wheeler

I saw Doctor Who for the first time at age fourteen. It inspired me to knit my first Doctor Who scarf, even though I didn’t know how to knit.

My Mother found someone to teach me to knit and I made up my first pattern based on a single, yellowed photograph.

I’ve been knitting Doctor Who Scarves ever since and my patterns have much improved since then.

In June 2009, I had the privilege of flying to Long Island to spend five hours studying The Shada Scarf.

And later that same year, I flew over to Blackpool and David Boyle was kind enough to let me examine the Season 18 ‘B’ scarf in the Doctor Who Museum.

Examining these two authentic scarves allowed me to finally get correct color matches, do row counts and measurements. It also allowed me to posit the colors, row counts and measurements of quite a few of the other Scarves.

I am now publishing my findings in a series of patterns that are as correct as I can make them.

I have plans to visit some other Real Scarves in the very near future and continue to publish patterns based on my findings.

I am also planning on writing a book based on these adventures titled ‘A Stitch In Time’.

original designs

Tiny Posh Doctor Who Scarf
Witty Little Knitter
Tara's TARDIS Socks
Witty Little Knitter