Tina Umino

I live in Seattle Washington with my husband, daughters and 2 dogs in a house filled with yarn, fabric, crafting supplies, cooking tools for myself, car tools in the garage for my husband and toys and book not always artfully arranged by my toddler daughter. I started knitting in my earlier teens with the classic scarf and didn’t pick it up again until when i was in college about 10 years ago. Sweaters were one of the first things I knit after that and fell in love with it. At any given time, I probably have over 5 sweaters on the needles for myself, my daughters, husband and other family members.
I have always been one of those people who would look at just about everything, food, cloth, beauty products and think about how I can I make it. It was just a matter of time before I started designing. I like to design knitwear that is uncluttered with clean lines and shapes and is destined to become classic pieces in wardrobe. Some of my inspirations are fashion from around the world, updates to historical cultural clothing, shapes from architecture and the experience of being presented with beautiful food.

original designs  

from twist collective fall 2013