Angie Keep Fundraiser

Angie Keep Fundraiser

April 18, 2010 @ 12:00 PM
  • Pomegranate Place
  • 750 Clarkson Street, Denver CO 80218
  • Denver, Colorado
  • United States

Our friend and employee of the Lamb Shoppe Denver.

This is a fundraiser for a young woman and mother who suffered complications from a rare disease called Moya Moya. Angie is only 25 and is the mother to one year old Peter. About 3 weeks ago she was rushed to and ER upon complaining of a headache and dizziness, she lost consciousness. A day later Angie underwent 3 hours of Neurosurgery to repair damage done as a result of capillaries bursting in her brain.

Angie is also 6 months pregnant.

Angie is strong and so is her unborn baby Luca. They remain in hospital and are improving. Angie will remain in hospital until Luca is born. She also requires more neurosurgery.

This fundraiser is to help this young family out with medical costs and living expenses as Angie begins to rebuild physically and bring new life into the world.

Any donations are welcome. We hope you can attend this fundraiser.

There will be raffles, silent auction and items to purchase. We have an array of hand made items, fabulous knitted afghans and other knitted pieces of art!

Some items that have also been donated: jewelry, armoire, gift certificates from Corepower Yoga, Berenieces Salon, and much much more.

We look forward to seeing you.

Donations can also be made on paypal - Knitting Hope or the email address


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