Swing-Knitting™ Live Classes at Lonesome Stone Alpacas

Swing-Knitting™ Live Classes at Lonesome Stone Alpacas

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August 15 - 18, 2014
  • Lonesome Stone Alpacas
  • 946 County Road 60
  • Granby, Colorado
  • United States

Come to a glorious area of this grand country! Granby is on the south end of Grand Lake link text, a beautiful, serene vacation spot at the entrance of the majestic Rocky Mountain National Park link text. Take Trail Ridge Road over the Continental Divide to Estes Park link text and see the magnificent changes in the terrain. See herds of elk, deer, and other wildlife indigenous to the area.

Contact: Brigitte Elliott at for more information.

Frolic with the alpacas! Get your hands on some of that glorious, spun fiber from Lonesome Stone Alpacas.
Friday Class, mid-afternoon will be a 3.5 hour project class of either the Streamlines stole or the Dreambird shawl. Stay tuned!
Saturday through Sunday will be spent on Lesson One: An Introduction to Swing-Knitting™ and Lesson Two: Understanding How to Morph the Organic-looking Fields.
Monday Class will consist of a 3.5 hour class to be determined by the participants’ choice.

The technique of this German short row style of knitting will amaze the students and introduce them to an exciting way of making their “normal” knitted projects into something unique and beautiful. You’ll never look at yarn, patterns, and colors the same way again!

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