1.2.3. Stackers! by Diane L. Augustin

1.2.3. Stackers!

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Transform simple embroidery floss or cotton yarn
and seed beads into joyful bracelets and necklaces.
It’s quick and easy as 1. 2. 3.!

Make bracelets to fit anyone. ❀ Make necklaces by adding more beads and crocheting a longer chain. ❀ Have endless fun creating color combinations. ❀ Crochet and add Stackers to any outfit to pull together your whole look. ❀ Crochet multiple bracelets to sell for fund raisers. ❀ Be a hit with your kids and crochet stackers for them and their friends, or teach them how to make their own. ❀ Design your own ankle bracelets ❀ Support your favorite sports teams with Stackers made in team colors!

This is a helpful U-Tube video for stringing beads onto the yarn using a dental floss threader: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtTCeehuSFw

I use a fleece mat on a flat table surface rather than hold the beads in my hand. You can get fleece fabric at any fabric store and cut a small square to use for beading.