2x2 Rib hat (with triangle on top) by Claire Nordlow

2x2 Rib hat (with triangle on top)

This pattern is available for free.

Who doesn’t love a good 2x2 ribbed hat? I know I do. Plus, they are the perfect gifts. They are stretchy, so they’ll fit almost everyone without worrying about size, and they are an easy way to get creative in the details. Here’s a simple variation. I’m pretty sure that if you did stripes the top would look like concentric triangles! How neat is that?

Gauge: not too crucial due to stretchiness, I used recommended needle size for the yarn and am not a tight or a loose knitter. Gauge in stockinette should approximate what’s on the ball band.

Note: this could be easily modified for other sizes of yarn, you basically can use any multiple of 12 stitches.