#35 Vertical Braid by Sachiyo Fukao (深尾幸世)
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#35 Vertical Braid

Section: Part II ブレードとエジング (Braids & Edgings)

Subsection: 縦に編むブレード (Vertical Braids)

Yarn: 6g (26m) of Hamanaka Paume Crochet Kusakizome
Hook: Japanese size 3/0 (2.3mm)

width 5cm, length 20cm

Additional Notes:

  • Leave a tail approximately 14” at the beginning, so you can add the bottom edge without starting/weaving a new thread.
  • There is a chart error for rows 4 and 22; the two lower petals are worked left to right (backside) but the stitch symbols are shown right to left. Just work these rows (plus rows 10 and 16 which are not shown) on the back the same as row 1 on the front.